Jupiter Ed

Jupiter Ed is the place where students and families can check progress on project and assignments.


Link to login: https://login.jupitered.com/login/index.php




This is the online math program that we use at Northern Waters.


Student link: http://www.aleks.com


Parent link: Use the same link as above and use the same username and password that your child uses.

NWES Handbook (Family & Student Information)


This shared folder has important information about how to make up field days, attendance, daily schedules, our school syllabus, and more.



Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4eri4KPgJpLfkdGUHBDcnZRdHNSMWVja0g1YkwyYTNaNGZvSmM4ZEpLNnRPU211SEpYaGc

Important Links


Below are important links for students and families at Northern Waters. 

Google Classroom


Google Classroom is the online learning space that Northern Waters advisors use to post classroom assignments and resources for students in each project area. (seminar, ILP, reader's workshop, etc.) Students can access this through their email.

Parents- If you would like to see what your child is working on, ask them to pull it up for you! You can also request that your child's advisor add you as a guardian and you will get assignment notifications for when things are due or turned in late. While there is limited information through the guardian email notifications, this is a good start. We still recomend asking your child to pull up google classroom if you would like to see more detailed information.