Library databases are full of great book and video sources for your project proposal and project research.


Hayward Public Library:


Hayward Community School Libraries:


If you have a public library card, you can place items on hold. Then let your advisor know and we can arrance to have the resource picked up. 

Citation Machine


This website can be used to cite your sources for your notes.


Click on the following link:

Independent Learning Project Resources


Below are links to help NWES students with their Independent Learning Project proposals and research. 

ILP Project Resources Folder


This folder is full of project resources. It is organized by what phase in which you are working. (Preliminary Research, Research, Product, and Evaluation)


Click on the following link for the folder:


World Book Online or Badgerlink


These are two great resources to find more research for your Independent Learning Project. 


Click on the following link: and scroll down to the Databases, eBooks, and Online Encyclopedias section